Top Rib

Full of Flavour and Succulent

The Top Rib is a boneless joint of beef from the shoulder that makes a good roasting joint full of flavour. A lean cut and should be roasted gently to get the best taste.

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Weight Price * Quantity
1 kg £9.81
1.5 kg £14.71
2 kg £19.62
2.5 kg £24.52
3 kg £29.43
3.5 kg £34.33
4 kg £39.24

Cooking tips

Add a little beef stock and wine when you are deglazing the tray, followed by a blob of butter to make the most gorgeous gravy.

As with every joint, leave it resting once cooked to allow all the wonderful juices to run back into the joint, giving the meat irresistible flavour.


1kg - Up to 4 people
1.5kg - Up to 6 people
2kg - Up to 8 people
2.5kg - Up to 10 people
3kg - Up to 12 people
3.5kg - Up to 14 servings
4kg - Up to 16 servings
4.5kg - Up to 18 servings
5kg - Up to 20 servings