A Lean cut, but Rich in Flavour

A Favourite on the British dinner table. A prime lean cut, sold rolled and tied ready to roast. With a layer of fat to add succulence and flavour to the meat whilst cooking. Its a perfect joint for slow roasting. Excellent served both hot as part of a Roast Dinner or cold for sandwiches and buffets.

* All prices below are estimated.

Weight Price * Quantity
1 kg £13.50
1.5 kg £20.25
2 kg £27.00
2.5 kg £33.75

Cooking tips

Topside should not be roasted fast, and is better cooked more slowly at 150ºC covered in foil with a little bit of water or beef stock in the roasting tin.

To ensure perfect cooking and measuring internal temperatures, we recommend a meat thermometer.


1kg - Up to 4 people
2kg - Up to 8 people
3kg - Up to 12 people

We recommend allowing 250gms – 350 gms per person with a minimum weight of 1kg (Joints don’t roast so well under this weight)