Diced Lamb

Extremely Tender and Full of Flavour

Our Diced Lamb is perfect for slow cooking, bursting with deep flavour and melt in the mouth tender texture as the meat stews on a low heat, perfect for all kinds of dishes, especially curries and kebabs. Reared on our farm in Shropshire. The flock graze on lush meadows which is reflected in the array of flavour our lamb boasts.

* All prices below are estimated.

Weight Price * Quantity
500g £8.50
1 kg £17.00
2 kg £34.00

Cooking tips

Pre heat your oven to 135 degrees temperature.
Season the meat.
Take a large, heavy based frying pan, and add a few drops of oil.
Fry the lamb on all sides in small batches then transfer to a casserole dish
Pour a sauce or gravy over the lamb and cover.
Place in the centre of the oven and cook for approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, the meat should be tender and fall apart when.
Remove from oven and serve.


Approx 500g to serve 4 People.