Free range Chicken Supremes

Full of Flavour and Succulent

Our Chicken supremes are fabulous for dinner parties because of their elangance and formal presentation. This cut is often considered more flavoursome because the skin and bone add extra depth of flavour to the meat.

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Pack of 2 £5.35

Cooking tips

Pre heat your heavy based frying pan to a low temperature

Season the supreme prior to cooking

Don’t overcrowd the pan.

Place the breasts on the skin to crisp a little until golden before searing on the flesh side for 1 minute.

Place in a pre heated oven 200 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes for a moist breast

Add a large knob of butter, leave to rest in a warm place at least 5 minutes before carving

To ensure perfect cooking and measuring internal temperatures, we recommend a meat thermometer.


Allow around 200g Per Person